At some point the moment comes – pictures are wanted! Starting with a social media post, an article in the virtual plant newspaper, a presentation should be made more interesting. We all know situations in which you are looking for a suitable picture, possibly under time pressure. Stock photos? Sure – a solution, but not an individual one, one that may not quite fit after all.

The new alternative? AI! DALL-E2 or whatever they may be called. By direct text input, what you write is visually generated. So it can also be used for verification – I describe something, but imagine something completely different – the AI helps me on my feet. It represents only what I define. Fascinating! Scary? As a designer, you naturally ask yourself – when can I give my laptop the brief from the last job in order for a design via voice command? In principle, already now – but something is missing, the creativity, the view behind the end points of the three-point perspective.

The result is a lullaby based on the fascination of new technology – but it’s fun!

To try it out, the MS Browser edge already provides in the sidebar an AI image creation tool based on DALL-E 2 technology, that even for free!

Pictures in the Gallery:

KI Machine

Steak on Grill

Astronaut in Hammock

Red Octopus running in the city

Old man thinking…