Every three years, new developments in technology and inventions are presented to the publicat the World Forum for Process Technology at ACHEMA in Frankfurt
Here are a few impressions from a stroll through the halls:
The use of hydrogen as an alternative plays a leading role for the heavily energy-consuming industry. Much is on the right track. Especially when it comes to the production of green hydrogen, but also with regard to sustainable storage, transportation and the actual use of this environmentally friendly fuel.
However, there is still a lack of nationwide infrastructure, which means that supply is not yet secure and still represents a challenge for suppliers. Production capacities will also soon reach their limits as demand increases. This era is comparable to the time when LED lights replaced the light bulb.

The opportunities that AI offers for the use of complex decision-making processes and chains are also omnipresent. These possibilities go far beyond the usual programs for image or text creation. Behind this is a virtual existence that weighs up solutions, makes comparisons, draws conclusions and thus helps to make decisions.
It goes without saying that robots are constantly being further developed and, as two- or four-legged creatures on wheels or tracks, are primarily planned for use in hostile environments in order to minimize the potential danger to humans. Be it to open contaminated rooms remotely or to operate dangerous locking systems.
And in the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers of equipment for medicines are adapting to increasingly complex and diverse medical research and development. A single-component tablet from the rotary press almost looks like a dinosaur.
It will be interesting to see where developments have gone in three years’ time! Until then, we’ll be keeping an eye on the state of hydrogen, AI and robotics.

We will report here.


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