Design is a matter of trust

A good basis for cooperation with our clients is important to us. Quick and effective communication channels to spare friction losses and innovation. We therefore offer also consultancy for companies who are not interested in a direct development of new products. Our long experience in project management and product development to create the conditions in different areas to question processes and uncover inefficient rigidities. The quality of the production path is reflected in the product and is therefore also important for the satisfaction of the customer.

from scratch to product

Most important, as in all other areas, the close contact and understanding the problem in the early stages of each project.

If the task is generally defined, should be a conversation to take place, in which all of the design, implementation, and the marketing people involved are given an opportunity to clarify requirements, wishes and solutions.

This creates a demand issue or catalog, is controlled by the further development, whether actually reached a solution of the problem and – to facilitate the selection – how well it will be fulfilled. In general, accompany sketches, preliminary models or even ergonomic models and computer simulations that the design process. If the actual design – the design – stands, starts the design and implementation. pr-ide followed this process or lead in project management also. The results are then according to pre-production model, engineering drawings, or tools for injection molding and die casting.