Design is a matter of trust

We think design as the future will look. Because we understand the product

A product is a company’s outdoor show. As a show is, a product should also be staged: cleverly thought out, well planned, cost-efficiently produced and convincing down to the last detail. Solid craftsmanship instead of showmanship are the basis of our developments.

Bringing aesthetics, functionality, feasibility and company-internal ideas into harmony is hard work and requires a lot of thinking, courage and future-oriented action.

But at the end of the process, from sketch design to 3D simulations to prototype development, there is a product that everyone is proud of.


Even though offline popularity has lost some of its popularity, it is now enjoying exceptional print masterpieces.

Our motto is therefore: not mass, but class. Through a mature overall concept, captivating ideas, distinctive design and texts with wit and charm.

In January 2020, the world was still in order. But today every company knows that an exceptional presence on the Internet saves survival.

A rethink has taken place. Also with us. We have dealt more with all digital possibilities of video conferences, shop solutions, online event ticketing and also the production of videos. The keyboard of the digital possibilities has now been expanded by an octave.

A good basis when working with our clients is important to us. Short and effective communication channels save friction and innovation losses. We therefore also offer advice to companies that are not interested in the direct development of new products. Our many years of experience in project management and product development in a wide variety of areas create the conditions for questioning processes and uncovering ineffective incrustations. The quality of the production route is reflected in the product and is therefore also important for the satisfaction of the end customer.

The design team develops the initial ideas and corrects, refines and presents these concepts until a viable design is achieved. The technical data required for further processing is either generated directly from the CAD programs or implemented in the form of plotted two- or three-dimensional models. An experienced design team guarantees smooth product development. Technical understanding is a basic requirement for a smooth implementation phase.

The design of a product is mainly dominated by three factors. On the one hand by the designer and his claim to find a form suitable for the product and the application. Through marketing, market observation, competitive evaluation and consumer behavior. The management, the product must fit into the corporate strategy and development. Cost-to-cost ratios must be brought into line with profit expectations and product value. This coordination and design work is part of the range of services offered by pr-ide. In order to bring the complex issues on the developer and production side to a level where action can be taken with fast and effective communication and efficient working methods, a design manager is required. This coordination and design work is part of the range of services offered by pr-ide.

Nature is a big jigsaw puzzle in which only the unity of all parts results in the overall picture. In order to secure our future, it is important that these parts remain in balance. A life cycle assessment shows whether resources are used sensibly or wastefully. We are aware of this responsibility and will act accordingly in the decision-making process.