The design team develops the initial ideas and corrects, refines and presents these concepts until a feasible design has been obtained. The technical data required for further processing are either generated directly from the CAD programs or implemented in the form of plotted two- or three-dimensional models. An experienced design team offers a guarantee of trouble-free product development. Technical insight is a basic requirement for a smooth implementation phase.
The design of a product is dominated mainly by three factors. On the one hand by the designer and his claim to find a suitable for the product and the application forms. Through marketing, market monitoring, the assessment of competition and consumer behavior. The management, the product must fit into the corporate strategy and development. Cost – cost ratios must be brought in line with profit expectations and product value. This coordination work and design are a part of the services offered by pr-ide. To bring the complex issues on the developer and production side to a level where action can be taken with fast and effective communication and efficient working methods, the use of a design manager is necessary. This coordination work and design are a part of the services offered by pr-ide.
Nature is a great puzzle, in which only the unity of all parts results in the overall picture. To safeguard our future, it is important that these parts should remain in balance. An ecological balance sheet shows whether resources are being sensibly or wastefully used. We are aware of this responsibility and will act correspondingly during the decision-making process.