pr-ide will help you plan your communication strategy, prepare it specifically for each target group and manage it on a day-to-day basis. It is our goal to build bridges between worlds and to trace a path from your company to the public. We know how to communicate your product, your corporate culture and your wishes.

pr consulting

You want to make your company, your institution, your idea or event at a specific target group of known but do not know how and where you should start?

We will advise you and with you to develop a communication strategy that you can succeed long-term and sustainable customer communication and retention.

An informal discussion –
clarifies the overall framework, desires and needs.

A sketch of an idea, a proposal for future work,
a schedule and a transparent cost estimate –
are the beginning of a trustful cooperation.

A briefing session or a one-day workshop with key decision makers –
forms the basis for developing a communications strategy.

A clear objective and target group –
is the spearhead of a functioning and effective actionable communication planning, which is installed in a regular controlling process.

The implementation itself –
is the long program of a well planned strategy.