Success begins with the concept – a good product concept takes into account the strengths, weaknesses and analyzes for the purpose. A concept must not be dogmatic – to design flexible solutions means to be able to face new requirements.A popular conceptual solution to a problem – the car.

Problems: transport from A to B.

The drawn out of the concept of demands Mr Mr Pierre-Joules Boulanger in 1934 was, for example:

“You design a car that can accommodate two farmers in boots and a hundredweight of potatoes or a keg offers wine, at least 60 km / h fast, while only three liters of fuel consumed per 100 km. In addition, it is even able to cope with the worst roads and its so easy to use that even a novice driver copes easily with him. It must be extremely well sprung, so a basket full of eggs survive unscathed a ride over bumpy dirt roads. Finally, the new car has to be considerably cheaper than our … .. On the appearance of the car, it is quite out of here. “

Now the result from TPV and the subsequent 2CV far from retro madness of Marketing Manager and Auto has been spared stylists, would, however, like Mini, Beetle and 500 a reprint give the original concept would certainly not fulfilled – the consumption determined by 3 liters are.The appearance has become more important, long the personal car has become no longer a means of transport but emotion support a whole mobile generation.Even technology support, with the phrase:

“The car is intended for farmers, and who are all married and have a wife who can operate the crank” (allegedly by Pierre-Jules Boulanger)

today would be the non-existent starter hardly as use selling point. Air conditioning, sensors possible for everything etc more and more corners, multimedia, Internet, everything needs energy.As always better drive technology is also no use for 20 years, the average consumption for cars has not dropped.However, the weight increased. Had the Mini 1963 has an empty weight of 620 kg, so protz the smallest Mini One of today with rich 1135 kilos on the scales. The Golf 1 had a weight of 750 kg, the current Golf 7 is one of up to 1472 Kg.Sometime is size undoing because the zugführte energy is hard to get even. With the reason why none of his T.Rex lead on a leash.The emissions are a problem – if the environmental protection then can only be complied with because an integrated software detects exhaust emission tests and changes according to the motor control – then the end seems near. Even the creators of these vehicles seem to have no solution for the problems that so brings the individual passenger transport with them.