AI Rendering

Drawing is easy – you just have to look! That’s what my drawing teacher said, which left a lasting impression. Drawing or sketching is also idea generation – or visualization using the supplementary imagination. With a sketch I define the framework of an idea, the imprecision offers the mind space for additions, for expansion, ultimately also for variants, which then lead to new ideas.

The designer quickly scribbles an idea – it doesn’t always have to be the mythical paper napkin in the small trattoria, a normal drawing pad, a sheet from the printer tray or a notebook can also serve as a basis for drawing. What is then added to or developed further in the mind’s eye determines whether it is an idea that sticks, that writes history or remains history.

Now comes new technology – AI can complement, can think ahead. Can take the idea behind the scribble and visualize it in a way that makes it clearer to many others. The question is – is that a gain? Does this shut down the idea generation process? Finished quickly? Modern devil’s stuff then?

Or are we able to see it as a tool and accept it. A tool to get the refined idea in front of your eyes, faster than before, recognize and improve weak points – or let it fade away and finish quickly.

It is up to us how we continue to deal with it and learn. not to let the extended horizon melt down to a point focus at the edge of the picture.

It remains exciting – and that’s a good thing!

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