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We (Martina Müller and Philipp Sack) are pr-ide – since May 2001. And today we too are getting used to thinking differently, acting differently and advising differently in this crazy world.

We develop strategies, make communication and creation, write and look for the best form of presentation for your company. But we are adapting to the speed of change and relying even more heavily on the world of the digital. We react, try out, abandon template thinking and thus lead companies to a high level of visibility in their segment.

We work together with partners and can therefore act across disciplines and locations. In this way we remain flexible, so that we can fully address the individual problem situations of our customers without producing high overhead costs.

Martina Müller

Martina Müller
  • PR consultant
  • Certified Social Media Manager (TH Köln)
  • Multimedia concept developer
  • A. Linguist and literary scholar for Russian and Italian
Strategic communication planning – and implementation, social media management (including posting texts), brand development and storytelling

Communication is my passion

not just chattering with a champagne glass, but the strategically planned and well thought-out for companies. With the practical experience from 20 years of PR work for larger and smaller companies, 10 years of experience in the international field of institution building (NGO sector), I can dreamlike rely on my intuition when it comes to finding the right communication approach . It is exciting for me to keep getting to know new industries and developing new topics. I know my way around water sports tourism best because I have advised and implemented many brand development projects in recent years.

Actually, I’m a “digital native”.

I was enthusiastic about the possibilities of the Internet from the very beginning and saw it as an opportunity for PR work. I was able to convince hoteliers to blog. The first hotel blog I / we installed was the first in Germany and has won several awards. With the certification as a social media manager at TH Köln, I have deepened my knowledge of KPIs, monitoring, influencer research, conversion through content and knowledge of the individual social media channels. My portfolio has grown.

I am also a qualified yoga teacher (500h / BDY).

Yoga helps me to focus and to keep the emotional balance in the challenging professional field. From my point of view, yoga and PR are not opposites, but complementary areas.

But in the end I am a PR professional to the core, well structured and a mastermind of networks. I am motivated anew every day to convince decision-makers of good ideas and prefer to implement them.

What I’m passionate about and what else I would like to do

  • Sail across the Atlantic
  • Learn yoga in an ashram in Rishikesh
  • Play the Indian harmonium perfectly
  • Go into the splits
  • Get to know Cuba by bike
  • Write a book
  • There would be so much more … Now work first.

If you would like to know more about what I can do for marketing communication in your company, please contact me and we will discuss it. Perhaps you just want to know whether you are still your age You can start with yoga, whichever style suits you, or we can exchange some seaman’s yarn over the most beautiful stretches on the Baltic Sea.

Philipp Sack

Philipp Sack
  • Industrial designer for investment and consumer goods, out of passion !!
  • Also web and graphic designers with unusual ideas
  • I was also a lecturer at the University of the Arts.
has switched to capital goods design in the course of almost 30 years of design experience. I benefit from my affinity for new technology and technologies.

This also led to the fact that I dealt with the possibilities of the Internet at an early stage and included web design and programming in my portfolio. The first hotel blog in Germany, which we designed and implemented with pr-ide, received several awards.

The appeal is to find solutions to problems that have not yet been recognized as such.
I am enthusiastic about developing unusual design approaches for existing products or rethinking and redesigning products. I enjoy surprising with extraordinary ideas, whereby I am increasingly focusing on sustainability.

Inventions are my passion
And, if nothing is going on, I also like to deal with my own product ideas and implement them. As a trade fair decoration, I invented the PapMan, which is now still in use as an “avatar” at the transfer company properson [photo].

With every item of everyday use, I immediately see what could be improved.
This is both a blessing and a curse, because a sketch pad with new ideas has become my notebook. I keep seeing products in need of improvement. In the case of a grill, this even led to in-house production. After several prototypes, the grill is, ZWEEnHALB; on the market for almost two years now, including what is probably the flattest FLACHwieFLUNDER grill tongs for a year now. Both are produced in Berlin.

What I’m passionate about and would like to do one day

  • Rush across the Atlantic in a sailing boat
  • Run in the next Berlin half marathon
  • Help out on an oyster farm
  • Be there on your first journey through time….

You can send me inquiries for design advice, redesign of industrial goods, future technology in agriculture or for an exchange of ideas about sustainable grilling starting with grill recipes, about the fuel or the grill itself or sailing in strong winds …


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