Medical measuring equipment, presses for the pharmaceutical, camera housing, plows, solar ovens, fuel holder – to name just a few of the recent projects. Everyone wants to be shaped.
Relaxation exercise with almost no requirements – Now and then falls could get a little out of line from. Some ideas are good, some are very good, some difficult to achieve.
Interesting all) so we publish from time to time what from the fund.
Here the concept of TPM (Turbine Powered Motorcycle). Classic meets science fiction – modern elements combined with classical details, this building of motorcycles
When browsing to the design workshop, a B-ZN5 engine (hydrogen turbine) found with a matching 90 degrees OliFlex gear 4th generation, together with the braking force and torque converter as it will be used in IC 7.0.
Hand brake relay the signals to the electromagnetic brakes (with energy recovery) on thruster on.
The levers remain at the optimal distance-link fingers.
On aerodynamically unfavorable mirrors and instruments will be omitted entirely. All information – including the back camera images – are projected into the helmet visor.

So get out and let the imagination run free, then it will come with the good ideas!