Fortunately – we don’t run out of projects. Unfortunately – our own products are suffering in their progress due to the lack of time.

Stainless steel BBQ is also not the core business of pr-ide and the outdoor season hasn’t started either.  But the good news: our barbecue in the improved version goes into production. We stick to V2A sheets in 2.5 mm! Unbreakable quality for thousands of sausages or tofu skewers. Because BBQ actually describes already by definition a different cooking process we have changed the name. Zweenhalb- is built as soon as he – as he is now. The grill is now stored badge steady three point. Instead of the grill you can also store a spit over the coals. And – isn’t that awesome? It has two (in words 2) inbuilt bottle openers!
You can not wait for  the upcoming barbeque season now? Hm?