Somehow Germany is struggling to be a trendsetter in Internet. Since it was at an event to the question of conversion enabled sites, especially for the hotel industry. Well, besides the usual points, the question of OnePageDesign came on. But since no studies show that by OnePageDesign demonstrably held to increase the conversion rate, the issue was left quickly. Let us recall here briefly that it has been issued to the Lord Bell for inventing the telephone as well that Mr. Zuckerberg was named his social network as a spinner that even initially the Internet was said to be dead.

A good reason, then, to make himself anew about the themes and trends trendsetter thoughts. When a trend is about a social transformation process, triggered by many factors and processes. This can be seen in time to understand and interpret, which is difficult and especially unsure added. In addition to specific data (from pollsters evaluated), a lot of industry experience and sensitivity needed to detect trends and to respond to it.

We are sure that OnePageDesign provides an additional option with great potential for many cases. For example, to tell beautiful stories that have a specific course of action. But above all, you used to install landing pages to highlight a particular product, a specific action or a one-off campaign more and apply.

We are sure that user behavior will change dramatically. The mobile terminals (smartphones and tablets) are ideal for the OnePageDesign. The user is guided through the contents and do not click through the menu structure. This has advantages that offers more possibilities of emotional response. Navigating is still on individual anchor points possible so that fast is given an orientation.

Our forecast: The more users switch to mobile devices, the greater the change in user behavior towards the OnePageDesign. It also attacks also on what can also be seen as a trend: telling stories and text scarcity with expressive photos.