What few know the airport is completed (long ago!) And served its purpose. Unlike most people think, but pr-ide clears up!
In business, to get around, sitting with conversation partners not only in the meeting, but also times for lunch and / or dinner.
Mostly, the conversations are more general. Rarely, it’s all about “My house. My company. My boat. My car. “Addition. Family and children – as well as income levels – from us Germans reluctantly discussed.

Since the BER comes into play. When the call times hooks must be mentioned. Then it is pure joy. Especially abroad. Finally we Germans are sometimes not perfect but show that we can not do everything.
Motorways are so slow and ecological seen increasingly questionable as a showpiece.
Although high-speed trains from Germany somehow function (sometimes) – but French and Chinese are then rather bought.
With the flagship technology, therefore it falls short something. So do what with human component. What is not so perfect, which is never finished.
BER is as amazing. What fates are there already linked with which individuals not already failed. That’s the human touch with which you can score outside of Berlin. This is the real hitherto unknown design goal of the airport!
In order to get back into the business talks with his counterpart. That’s Economic Development – maintain contacts, keep talking.
Of course we should perhaps also be able to make something cheaper – but I’m sure the Senate has learned.
The next project is to make known to us as lovable defect maker when BER shall not raise, will certainly be better.

We are looking forward to 2024!