And not every BBQ is good for Grill
This may sound confusing, so let’s unravel.
BBQ or properly barbecue comes from the word barabicu, from the language of the Taino in the Caribbean. Here, a hole is dug, there comes in a pot, on some meat, preferably a whole goat, a little wood, leaves and coal around it, lighting, waiting, dig – enjoy!
In English and German-speaking Barbecue is increasingly being used as a synonym for grilling. Here, however, the meat is cooked directly over the embers, at temperatures between 200 and 300 degrees (Celsius). With a Barbecue are temperatures around 130 degrees usual.
In North Carolina, the actual grilling over hot coals is designated as a cookout – cook outdoors. The British to grill the other hand refers to a heat from the top.
Then there’s the Smoker – but that now leads to far.
Just wait for the upcoming BBQ season (pr-ide thinks ahead) the newly acquired BBQ (The best BBQ under the Grill!) and bite into the delicious Bratwurst! ;)

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